Novas Landscaping specializes in providing drainage solutions to issues ranging from wet yards, wet basements, soil erosion, and slope stability. It’s important to take care of your yard, and our qualified professionals have the experience and have gained recognition for a 100% satisfactory rating that you can trust. Let us evaluate your lawn and determine a drainage system that’s efficient and cost-effective.

French Drainage Systems

A properly installed french drainage system allows excess water to flow through a gravel-filled trench and fall into a pipe that directs water away from your home. This excess water will flow a safe distance away from your home and will keep your landscape dry and lush green.


Not all landscapes are graded properly. One of the best ways to fill the low spots in your yard and prevent drainage issues is by hiring a professional to evaluate your landscape and determine where your landscape needs grading.

Drainage Swales

Drainage swales easily blend into the environment, as they are most often low-lying areas of land. These drainage systems rely on gravity, as it encourages excess water to flow toward the low-lying areas to drain.

Basement Waterproofing

If your basement is surrounded by low areas of land, rainwater may flow toward your home and cause damage. Our team has experience waterproofing basements of all shapes and sizes and ensure your basement will be kept dry with our professional waterproofing services.

Downspout Extensions

We install downspout extensions that are customized to your home to ensure water doesn’t accumulate around it’s foundation. Our downspout installation services are efficient, affordable, and will help prevent moisture build up and corrosion in your home.

Liner Systems

Sometimes basements may experience water damage – stains, mold growth, and moisture build up – from heavy rainfall. Our team has the skill to efficiently seal off your basement and install a quality liner system to keep humidity and debris from wreaking havoc in your basement.

Prevent your landscape and home from experiencing excessive water damage!