When selecting the right set of plants for your ideal landscape, it may be a challenge if you are not familiar with which plants will thrive well together.



Our planting experts will evaluate the standard climate and soil type around your home to help determine which plants will flourish best in your yard.



After learning about your soil conditions, we can determine which plants and trees will prosper in your landscape. We will then obtain high quality plants that will be placed in your yard, based on the type of garden design you desire, and install them accordingly.


Next, our experts will take into account each of your new plants’ needs. We strategically place your plants in the most appropriate locations in your yard, creating the perfect conditions for them to grow and live for years. We will also arrange and organize them in a manner that’s aesthetically pleasing.


The different types of plants that we can plant for you:

  • Deer-Resistant
  • Flowering Shrubs
  • Foundation Plants
  • Ground Cover
  • Ornamental Tree
  • Rain Gardens
  • Rock Gardens
  • Sun-Loving / Shade-Loving Perennials
  • Screening Evergreens

Novas Landscaping: Dependable Planting Services in Northern Virginia

The process of seeking and selecting the best plants for your yard, garden, or landscape can pose itself as a challenge to homeowners, especially those without years of experience in the field. At Novas Landscaping, we provide services such as planting, yard design, mulching, and much more. We can help pick the highest-quality of plants that match your aesthetic vision. If you imagine it, we bring it to life for you. Through our collaborative design process, we set our work on creating the perfect landscape design based on your expectations, along with figuring out which specific plants and trees will complete your landscape.