Simply put, sodding is the process of placing or replacing lawn grass with pre-grown layers of fresh grass.

What Else is More Essential To A Than Lush Green Grass?

At Novas Landscaping, our professional landscape experts have had years of experience providing a wide range of landscaping services, especially sod installation, to a number of residences throughout the Northern Virginia area. We have the training and experience with handling both the grass and the soil it is rooted in – we are able to quickly and easily install sod in yards of any size.

The Benefits of Sodding

Increases the Air Quality

Since the newly placed grass is mature the day it is placed, it immediately absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, which provides you with crisp, fresh air in the environment around your home.

Boosts Property Value

A verdant yard of bright green grass is known to be highly appealing to any potential homebuyers. Not to mention that it’s also less of a hassle in uprooting weeds, as it has the capability to take root faster than planting seeds.

Prevents Erosion

Once the sod has been placed, it will immediately prevent erosion in your yard, which greatly helps yards with steep hills and slopes, as impeding mudslides and flooding are caused by surface runoff.

Our Process

Prior to placing the sod, we test the soil and determine its current conditions. If your soil isn’t well-aerated and doesn’t have a pH within 6 to 7.5, our team will help it move toward more preferable growing conditions. Once we have completed measuring the area of your landscape that will be sodded, we eliminate the grass and other vegetation that is expected to be replaced, grade and level the soil, add in nutrient-rich topsoil around the area, and finally roll in the sod over the topsoil. When this process is complete, this will revitalize the appearance and overall health of your lawn.

Here's what we evaluate before we begin sodding your landscape:

  • Landscape
  • pH Levels
  • Soil Content
  • Elevation

Choose Quality Sodding Installation Services in Northern Virginia

When you choose Novas Landscaping, you can trust our highly trained and detail-oriented professionals to maintain an open and collaborative relationship, provide a transparent view of what we do, how we do it, and what results they can expect once our work is complete. And thus far, we haven’t disappointed! Our team consistently receives high satisfactory ratings since beginning our business. After your landscape has undergone a thorough evaluation by our landscape experts, we will discuss what type of grass sod is ideal for your property and walk you through each step of the installation process.