At Novas Landscaping, we believe every yard is as unique in style and flair as every homeowner.

Every Yard is as unique as every Homeowner

Our skilled yard design craftsmen have given homeowners all across Northern Virginia quality landscape design services and always ensure clear and open communication with clients, complementing your imaginative ideas with our professional skills and lengthy experience, all to satisfy every expectation you may have.

If you are looking for a yard design to reflect your desire to entertain your friends and family or enhance your green thumb, we have the ability to create a well-constructed deck, patio, outdoor lighting arrangement and much more to bring your yard to life.

Our Approach


Early Preparation

Our first step in the design process is performing an initial evaluation of your property. We check various elements of your current landscape, such as soil quality, grading, drainage, and issues involving erosion. We look into every aspect of your yard’s current condition, so that you are fully aware of the potential your yard has, in terms of design choices.

Clear Communication

We then discuss your new yard design in greater detail, including what particular ideas you are already considering, like what features and installations you want. Along with that, we can also help you define and set your budget for the project, ensuring that your new yard fits every one of your preferences and is affordable.

Collaborative Yard Design

Finally, we cross our previous evaluation of your yard with your expectations outlined in the last step, and begin forming possible designs. Open communication is maintained throughout this process, particularly in how we provide you with our design drafts, so that you may review them and determine whether our work matches your vision. We want to make sure that your ideas match with our planning prior to construction, in order to ensure that we successfully create your ideal yard upon completion.

Professional Yard Design Services in Northern Virginia

Great residential yard design follows from the work and collaboration of an inspired homeowner and a team of landscaping professionals. At Novas Landscaping, we dedicate ourselves to creating the closest match to the greatest landscape our clients can imagine. With years in performing client-centric landscaping services all across Northern Virginia, we are happy to offer services including sodding, mulching, hardscaping, and much more.